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Lars Duppler "Palindrome"
This Quartet which exists around the Cologne Pianist and Componist, Lars Duppler, came into being in 1998. After studying in Cologne under John Taylor and in Paris with Daniel Humair, completing a number of projects with artists such as Joachim Kühn, Gene Calderazzo, Thomas Alkier, Jan von Klewitz and Walter Quintus, he is at the present time concentrating strongly on his own Formation. His fellow musicians have in the past worked in collaboration with non-other than Drew Gress, Billy Drews, Ed Neumeister, Jamie Haddad and Marc Copland. At the beginning of the year 2001 their latest album appeared from palindrome by JazzHausMusik on which the musical elements of American Jazz tradition and the expressive form of the European Modern are combined. The linenotes are composed by Roger Willemsen.

Playing time : 59min41
Price: 16,40 EUR
Produced by : Jazzhaus Musik
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